Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Mruthyunjay Nursing College, Davangere

VetaCorp organized a seminar on spoken English at Mruthyunjay Nursing College, Davangere. The main focus of the seminar was on the importance of clear communication, and pre-training assessment was conducted.

When it comes to training hospitality staff, VetaCorp has a specially tailored course. A similar seminar was also conducted at Kumuda Institute of Nursing, Davangere. Negotiations are going on to launch training at both the nursing schools.

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Bentley, Noida

Dealer technicians of Bentley are naturally expected to reflect the class of the product they sell and service. While the technical standard of these employees was never in question, Bentley wanted VETA to iron out their communicative skills.

We came up with an 80 hour programme covering the basics of functional grammar in the 1st phase followed by the 2nd covering proficiency in spoken English.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Tamil Nadu Judicial Academy

When the most honorable arm of democracy calls on you to deliver a presentation on communicative English, you can't help but feel proud. Legal Eagles from 0-10 years’ experience were invited by the Judicial Academy of TN to seminars that were conducted at 9 parallel locations on 2 different dates of January 2014.

Our brief was to deliver a rousing presentation on English Communicative Skills to these young groups of lawyers. Needless to say that it was well received by both, the participating attorneys and the presiding judiciary.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Jayalakshmi Finance Bangalore

Jayalakshmi Finance, Bangalore: This was a challenging and comprehensive training starting from Basic English to enhancement of fluency. Focused at 25 employees from the sales department, this programme will run for 100 hours.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Toyota Kirloskar

When it comes to training their staff, Toyota Kirloskar, Bidadi, Karnataka, makes Veta its first stop. Over the years, Veta has been training their staff and shopfloor.

Once again, VetaCorp launched a training programme for 25 employees of the company and another one for the students of Toyota Technical Institute.

It's a tested programme, and Veta has been doing a wonderful job,' says the company's spokesperson.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Veta School Plus

What is veta school plus?

  • A quality based English language training for schoolchildren.
  • From class 1 to class 5
  • Five grades of 40- hour duration
  • Phonics to fluency in English
  • Computer-enabled lessons
  • Interactive class-work with games and quiz
  • Multi-colour workbook
  • Ready to be embedded in regular curriculum
What you will get from veta?

  • A powerful global brand as co-branding component
  • Latest methods and components in ELT
  • Periodic training of teachers
  • Access to Veta's language resources
  • Computer-enabled lessons and workbooks
  • Product upgradation

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Get the Veta advantage

Veta has a number of carefully tailored courses to offer different categories of people. English is our forte and spoken English is what we can equip you with. Call our representative today and help us to meet your requirements.

Foundation English: For those with very little exposure to English. We will start with simple word building and simple sentence formations.

Fluent English (40 Hours): The art of forming sentences and the basic grammar that lays the foundation to help participants construct sentences.Fluent English (40 Hours): Participants start speaking in practical everyday English, have real conversations and benefit through improved fluency.

Business English: Helps participants speak like a professional. Make effective presentations, build up a vibrant vocabulary and develop the skill and confidence to handle any public speaking opportunity.

Interview Techniques: A short and concise preparation for participants to prepare effective resume/ CV and help them in handling GDs and interviews.

Summer English Camp: An opportunity for school children to learn Fluent English over a vacation.

Personality Development & Group Discussion: Participants will gain an insight into themselves besides gaining an understanding of grooming and etiquette.

IELTS: Training to clear the IELTS exams with a view on overseas opportunities.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

VetaCORP Business Conversation Course

Does your job include negotiation, making appointments, arranging schedules, or following up with clients?

Well, the ability to communicate effectively is the difference between success and failure. Today, English skills are required for several jobs in the market and the demand is sure to increase in the near future.

Course content:
  • Lessons consist of role-plays, group discussions, speech training and other activities designed to focus on spoken English.
  • We prepare our lessons to cover vocabulary and situations which relate to your field of work.  
  • Topical discussions and speech generating activities are integrated as per the needs of your business.  
  • Audio-video and multi-media components in training. 
  • Certificates are given after the completion of the course.  
  • Customized workplace situations.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Want to train your students and staff?

Vetacorp always strive for excellence in spoken English training. Recognizing this commitment to excellence, schools, colleges and companies continue make a beeline to us to train their students and employees in spoken English skills.

Want to train your students and staff?
Mail us at corporate@vetaglobal.com or call us on 044 – 2433 3151 or visit us www.vetacorporate.in

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Area of Expertise

  • English Diction & Clarity; Speech & Voice.
  • Emotional Intelligence; Effective Interpersonal Relations; Behavioural Change; Global Culture; Listening and Communication skills; Self-Awareness; Personal Growth.
  • Interview Preparation; Selling Skills; Customer Care; Motivation & Leadership.
  • Team-building; Outbound Training; Personality Development.
  • Telephone Etiquette; Presentation & Interpersonal Skills; Communication Skills; IELTS.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Customised Modules

VetaCORP does not have a separated function between content providers and content deliverers. We have an exclusive team of trainers who work together to design the programme that meets your needs. We, sometimes, collaborate with trusted delivery partners.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Our Methodology

VetaCORP focuses on client-specific solutions rather than standard programmes. We harness the talents of vetaCORP coaches and industry partners to the specific needs of the organization, workforce, or problem. We do have a couple of carefully designed programmes which we offer on a large scale.

VetaCORP’s ideal is to develop a rapport with clients and to work as good cooperators in business growth. We typically spend considerable time getting to know you and discussing your specific skills or performance needs. We focus on understanding the corporate culture in which we conduct training. We typically engage in graded discussions with both the company management and the target participants, before we begin our training.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

VetaCorp Approach

VetaCORP is in the business of Human Development and Performance Change.

Training Model:

Trainers at VetaCORP draw people towards discovery and implementation of new behaviour. They focus on empowerment, not mere language training. Typically in a vetaCORP programme, participants do most of the work. The instructing component is confined to a minimum, within the overall requirement for quality outcome. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Vetacorp’s expertise in English training

Vetacorp’s expertise in English training has been encapsulated into a lively 12-hour module that trains young job seekers to crack any interview. This programme has been highly successful and has launched thousands of fresh graduates into brilliant careers. Heera College of Engineering, Trivandrum, having heard of our prowess approached us to deliver this module to their final year students. We did just that after fortifying the module with Group Discussion. For more details please contact corporate@vetaglobal.com / 044 – 2433 3151 or visit www.vetacorporate.in

Monday, 11 August 2014

Why VetaCorp?

  • English is indispensable today. In a converging world, it connects people across workplaces, communities, and time-zones. English is the common language of  communication in education, business, government and entertainment. 
  • Many talented people miss out on opportunities for an exciting future because they cannot communicate effectively in English. With VetaCorp, you can seize these opportunities with confidence and ability.

Corporate Training

  • VetaCorp provides an intensive training in English language skills to executives and professionals from all domains.
  • Our Business English Programme is designed to meet our participants’ individual learning levels and organizational objectives.
  • At , you will find a dedicated and well experienced faculty, the most modern and efficient methodology as also the convenience of learning at your workplace.
  • Our aim is to make you communicate effectively in English at your workplace and acquire the Global Workplace Language Skills on the fast track.
  • VetaCorp provides language training and consulting services also to business houses, colleges, government organisations, NGOs and PSUs.


VetaCorp has launched a 80-hour spoken English programme for teachers at Golden Future Public School, Jalore, Rajasthan. A parallel 40-hour course for students was also launched.
Why Veta? "" You are the only national brand with good quality," says the secretary of the school.
For more details please contact corporate@vetaglobal.com / 044 – 2433 3151 or visit www.vetacorporate.in