Tuesday, 16 September 2014

VetaCORP Business Conversation Course

Does your job include negotiation, making appointments, arranging schedules, or following up with clients?

Well, the ability to communicate effectively is the difference between success and failure. Today, English skills are required for several jobs in the market and the demand is sure to increase in the near future.

Course content:
  • Lessons consist of role-plays, group discussions, speech training and other activities designed to focus on spoken English.
  • We prepare our lessons to cover vocabulary and situations which relate to your field of work.  
  • Topical discussions and speech generating activities are integrated as per the needs of your business.  
  • Audio-video and multi-media components in training. 
  • Certificates are given after the completion of the course.  
  • Customized workplace situations.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Want to train your students and staff?

Vetacorp always strive for excellence in spoken English training. Recognizing this commitment to excellence, schools, colleges and companies continue make a beeline to us to train their students and employees in spoken English skills.

Want to train your students and staff?
Mail us at corporate@vetaglobal.com or call us on 044 – 2433 3151 or visit us www.vetacorporate.in

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Area of Expertise

  • English Diction & Clarity; Speech & Voice.
  • Emotional Intelligence; Effective Interpersonal Relations; Behavioural Change; Global Culture; Listening and Communication skills; Self-Awareness; Personal Growth.
  • Interview Preparation; Selling Skills; Customer Care; Motivation & Leadership.
  • Team-building; Outbound Training; Personality Development.
  • Telephone Etiquette; Presentation & Interpersonal Skills; Communication Skills; IELTS.