Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Human behaviour flows

Plato was spot on when he stated that human behaviour flows from three main sources: Desire, Emotion and Knowledge.
Quite a bit of emotion is innate while much of it along with desire is formed by life’s experiences. They are more or less in place by the time the person is in their late teens. Knowledge by contrast is a lifelong pursuit. Vetacorp plays a vital role in delivering this knowledge, mainly in the domain of communication, leadership and behavioral stature to millions of school children and young adults across India. Written and oral communication, presentation skill, public speaking and the managerial edge one requires to step up from the mediocre to a much higher plane is what Veta empowers young students and executives with.
Given here are a few ongoing projects:
St.Mary’s Matriculation School, Mahabalipuram
In the serene surroundings of this world famous tourist spot nestles this vibrant school run ably by a Catholic missionary. We have been associated with them over the last 2 years and have just kick-started a programme that delivers 40 hours training to 52 of their teachers.
NUSI/ ITF Trust   
The Union of Seafarers of India have been very closely associated with Veta for the last 2 years. We have been almost continually involved in training not only the seafarers but also their families in English comprehension and speaking. These projects come from far flung places like Valsad and Diu besides metro centres like Chennai and Mumbai. We have just launched a training at Valsad covering 75 hours of intense exercises.
Schawk India  
Here again it is the fourth batch that has just commenced. This IT enabled design company wants all their employees empowered with English fluency. Since the training has stood the test of time through numerous batches, they keep commissioning us for new projects.
Vairam Group Matriculation Hr. Secondary School, Devakottai.
This school in the historic folds of the famous Cherttinad region of Tamil Nadu, first asked us to train all their teachers in spoken English and teacher talk. During this process we selected five teachers to deliver our school plus programme. We are about to launch the TTT of these 5 teachers so that they can carry the mantle of School Plus delivery to their students.  School Plus is one of our more successful programmes for schools as it empowers both, teachers and students.
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