Thursday, 28 May 2015

Veta School Plus

A language lab and training programme for fluency in English For primary schoolchildren.

What is Veta school plus?

  • A quality based English language training for schoolchildren.
  • From class 1 to class 5
  • Five grades of 40- hour duration
  • Phonics to fluency in English
  • Computer-enabled lessons
  • Interactive class-work with games and quiz
  • Multi-colour workbook
  • Ready to be embedded in regular curriculum
What you will get from Veta?
  • A powerful global brand as co-branding component
  • Latest methods and components in ELT
  • Periodic training of teachers
  • Access to Veta's language resources
  • Computer-enabled lessons and workbooks
  • Product upgradation

What you will need?

  • A computer
  • A display unit or a projector with screen and speakers
  • A writing board

Snapshots of the 5 grades:

PhonicsNegativesThe 'be' words presentSimple tensesHello, I am…..
English soundsDescribingBe (past)Continuing actionDid you know?
Basic ShapesThings we useAction wordsHas/have/had/will haveMy family
ColoursSingular / pluralRequestingPerfected actionsHave you ever..?
Counting numbersCommon ailmentsWhat she does every dayContinuation actionWhat did you do this morning?
(how long/since when)
PlayingDeterminersWhat is he doing?Two connected eventsEvery day at school
in the past
ToysThis and ThatPast tensePlans and programmesMy school
Revise and recallThese and ThoseI was ..ingA past habitHow do I get there?
Animals and birdsThereWe willIdentifying (who)Permission, request,
thanks and apologizing
VehiclesWhat is / What arePast, present and futureAbility and possibilityLast summer
RelationshipsHe is / She isHow, when and where with past,Should and mustWhat did miss ask you to do?
present and future
Fruits and VegetablesWho is / Who areHow often (frequency adverbs)Permission, requestAsking for information
and offering to help
Food and beveragesThey areWant to / would like toIfWhat did miss ask?
What did miss say?
Parts of the bodyWhen is / Where is / What isI like / I don't likeIntensifiersWhat did mama say?
HomesAction wordsShort repliesPassive formsExplaining
Inside a houseTelling timeTake and get (delexical Verbs)Reporting/statements/Big questions and short replies
Names of days and monthsWhat day / What dateWork and hobbyWhose / MineWhat is done? Over the phone
HobbiesGreeting and wishingPersonal informationQuiz
ToiletriesThanking and apologizing
Weather and seasons
Likes and dislikes

Friday, 22 May 2015


DHL wanted us to deliver a carefully-tailored programme to their customer interfacing staff. This 60-hour programme integrates basic grammar skills and spoken English with specific key vocabulary that DHL had evolved for their staff.

These words were seamlessly grafted into the training module i.e communicative skill and etiquette while interacting with a customer. This training covers the length and breadth of the country and is feasible only because of Veta's pan India presence.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Veta Corp

Veta deals with spoken English training for Business Organizations & Institutions.

  • The corporate training division of VETA handles spoken English training across a spectrum of institutions ranging from schools and colleges to businesses, companies and associations.
  • Each segment requires a different style and a different content. The division is ably supported by a strong resource team that formulates the content, selects the trainer and equips them to deliver their brief in a concise and satisfactory manner.
  • Veta enhances personality and leadership while fine-tuning the communicative skills of participants.
  • Veta equips students with the power of confidence and language so that they are employable and ready for fruitful careers.
  • Veta helps in schools by training their faculty to empower the children to use English as an effective communicative tool.
  • Veta uses rigorous assessment procedures before, during and after the training for ensuring quality.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

What is veta school plus?

A language lab and training programme for fluency in English.
For primary schoolchildren.
  • A quality based English language training for schoolchildren.
  • From class 1 to class 5
  • Five grades of 40- hour duration
  • Phonics to fluency in English
  • Computer-enabled lessons
  • Interactive class-work with games and quiz
  • Multi-colour workbook
  • Ready to be embedded in regular curriculum

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

An English teacher writes...

Dear student,

Though you have been good at all subjects, your level of proficiency in English is not good. You cannot be blamed for it. The medium of instruction in the school is Tamil. You have never heard your teachers, classmates or friends converse in English. Many students of the school are first ­generation learners.

You did not have many opportunities to develop your English language and communication skills. You were asked to memorise answers to questions. There was no one to motivate you to learn English as a life skill or a survival skill.

I can visualise how your first week or month in the university/college is going to be. The transition from school to college is not going to be smooth. Your class will have students from various places and mostly from cities. You will be sitting amidst English­speaking students who will introduce themselves saying that they studied in XYZ CBSE school.

You may feel uncomfortable being in their company. Your professors may use only English in the classroom.

You may hear English everywhere on the campus. Everything they say in English may sound like gibberish to you and you may feel that you have been thrown into an alien world.

You may experience ‘angloshock’. You may think “others know English but I don’t know the language and so I am not part of the group.” Some of your professors and classmates, instead of empathising with you, may ridicule you for not responding to their questions in English and may pull you down.

You may have a dilemma whether to continue or discontinue your studies.

You could be on the verge of breaking down and your dream, on the verge of getting shattered.

Be passionate about learning English. This is the first step in the journey to mastering the language. If you have the desire to learn the language, no one can stop you from doing it. 

Sunday, 3 May 2015


This is a mammoth effort with 7 trainers from VETA teaming up to facilitate a residential training programme for the 2nd year students of this Engineering college in Tirchengode, Tamil Nadu. 80 hours of this programme will round off the student group into a readily employable entity.
For more details visit @