Monday, 29 June 2015

Dymos Lear Automotive India Private Ltd,

Other companies that have signed up with VetaCorp for training in English are Dymos Lear Automotive India Private Ltd, Chennai, LG Electronics across India and Samsung Electronics Pvt Ltd, Chennai.

The primary focus of all training is on communicative skills in English. "We are the number one in corporate training, "says Varahamurthy V.V. Regional Manager, Training."We have the experience and we have the know-how,' he adds."

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Happy customers are repeat customers!

The news from Vetacorp is refreshing as usual. More projects and new challenges. Besides existing ongoing projects, Vetacorp has signed up new training schedules as well.

While at Triveni Turbine Ltd, Bangalore it is a renewal of training programmes, it is a new one at Ujwal Management Services Pvt Ltd., a programme to train their employees of finance department. We have initiated a 54-hour training there.

Triveni Turbine Ltd
Ujwal Management Services Pvt Ltd.

Monday, 15 June 2015

About VetaCORP

This division of Veta deals with Spoken English training for Business Organizations & Institutions.

The corporate training division of Veta handles spoken English training across a spectrum of institutions ranging from schools and colleges to businesses, companies and associations.
Each segment requires a different style and a different content. The division is ably supported by a strong resource team that formulates the content, selects the trainer and equips them to deliver their brief in a concise and satisfactory manner.

  • Veta enhances personality and leadership while fine-tuning the communicative skills of participants.
  • Veta equips students with the power of confidence and language so that they are employable and ready for fruitful careers.
  • Veta helps in schools by training their faculty to empower the children to use English as an effective communicative tool.
  • Veta uses rigorous assessment procedures before, during and after the training for ensuring quality.