Thursday, 11 January 2018

Self development in Workplace

The world scenario today, requires that you board the bus of learning as a toddler and continue the journey every day of your life. This bus has no terminus. It is those who realize this that leave a mark in the world. Self development and continuous honing of knowledge and skills in the pursuit of excellence are the path to achievement. Organizations spend millions on regular training of their employees realizing that development of human resources is the key to lengthening their own longevity.  So, to avoid life becoming a school of hard knocks let us become like a sponge absorbing new information and developing new skills every day in our effort to betterment. Let us be better today than we were yesterday.

Vetacorp has been playing its part in one becoming dead wood by delivering both, communication and stature to make them a go-getter.

Cultfit Healthcare
This chain of state-of-the art  gyms has commissioned Veta to train their staff who are constantly interfacing with their members . The Bangalore location has kicked off with the delivery while the Gurgaon location is on the anvil. The programme is a for a mammoth 90 hours and will cover in depth training in the elements of vocabulary and grammar based training with a smattering of activities that will hone the personality of the takers.

Cupertino Techvox, Hyderabad 
 This tech company like many others in their field is particular about training and development of their Human Resources. Their support team of Hyderabad numbering 12 will undergo a 55-hour module that takes them through functional grammar before putting them through a very exciting narrative and activity based communication training.

At any given time scores of one-on-one training happens across India mainly for CEOs and expatriates who require to hone their English speaking skills. Veta will customize the programme depending oon the existing skill level of the takers.

V-School, Tiruchengode
This school near the city of Erode in TN has called us to deliver a 30-hour Teacher training to their teachers. You might be aware, from previous rendition on this subject that Veta has some specialized modules that are specific to the honing of English skills in school teachers.