Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Toyota Kirloskar

When it comes to training their staff, Toyota Kirloskar, Bidadi, Karnataka, makes Veta its first stop. Over the years, Veta has been training their staff and shopfloor.

Once again, VetaCorp launched a training programme for 25 employees of the company and another one for the students of Toyota Technical Institute.

It's a tested programme, and Veta has been doing a wonderful job,' says the company's spokesperson.

Call ☎: 044 – 2433 3151

Email: corporate@vetaglobal.com 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Veta School Plus

What is veta school plus?

  • A quality based English language training for schoolchildren.
  • From class 1 to class 5
  • Five grades of 40- hour duration
  • Phonics to fluency in English
  • Computer-enabled lessons
  • Interactive class-work with games and quiz
  • Multi-colour workbook
  • Ready to be embedded in regular curriculum
What you will get from veta?

  • A powerful global brand as co-branding component
  • Latest methods and components in ELT
  • Periodic training of teachers
  • Access to Veta's language resources
  • Computer-enabled lessons and workbooks
  • Product upgradation

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Get the Veta advantage

Veta has a number of carefully tailored courses to offer different categories of people. English is our forte and spoken English is what we can equip you with. Call our representative today and help us to meet your requirements.

Foundation English: For those with very little exposure to English. We will start with simple word building and simple sentence formations.

Fluent English (40 Hours): The art of forming sentences and the basic grammar that lays the foundation to help participants construct sentences.Fluent English (40 Hours): Participants start speaking in practical everyday English, have real conversations and benefit through improved fluency.

Business English: Helps participants speak like a professional. Make effective presentations, build up a vibrant vocabulary and develop the skill and confidence to handle any public speaking opportunity.

Interview Techniques: A short and concise preparation for participants to prepare effective resume/ CV and help them in handling GDs and interviews.

Summer English Camp: An opportunity for school children to learn Fluent English over a vacation.

Personality Development & Group Discussion: Participants will gain an insight into themselves besides gaining an understanding of grooming and etiquette.

IELTS: Training to clear the IELTS exams with a view on overseas opportunities.