Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Business and social etiquette and express

Corporate Training goes to impart all facets of the concept with hands on details, enough exposure is given for handling situations, strategies are given to candidates for bettering their cognitive abilities, plan of action and orientation to the job on hand is given.Our corporate training programs equip participants with the ability to use their newly acquired language to maintain and further business relations. They enhance the ability to understand business and social etiquette and express ideas and opinions in a fluent and accurate manner – valuable skills for building profitable and lasting business relationships both in the domestic and international markets.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Learn English

English is the language of Education, Business, Science, Government and Entertainment. And the organization that sets the benchmark for English training is Veta.It is essential that the participants enjoy the training and are able to direct their own learning. To support this, on-going feedback and reflection are central to our courses Lessons are participatory and learner-centred which means that the trainers facilitate learning and support participants as they discover the structure and use of English.Learner training takes place throughout the course. Trainers help participants develop strategies for studying and enhancing their skills outside class hours. They set self-study tasks for the participants throughout the course of the training.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Corporate inputs

Organizations like yours want employees who are engaged with their missions, values and visions, aligned with their strategic plans, and who have the skills needed to drive performance, Training in the areas such as Communication skills, Email writing, telephone speech, listening skills transform the employees and inculcate an attitude that is required to represent the organization to the global business world.Let’s Talk Institute focuses on training and development with a holistic approach and customizes training ,the division is ably supported by a strong resource team that formulates the content, selects the trainer and equips them to deliver their brief in a concise and satisfactory manner.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Business Focused

Veta has an established Language training centre This is one of its kind in India where students can continue their learning, lifelong in an interactive and fun-filled environment, totally Soft skills training workshops in India and overseas range from leadership development in coaching and mentoring team building and motivation for managers to personality development, positive attitude, business communication, negotiation skills, time management task management and cross cultural skills for helping individual employees become more productive.

  • Business English
  • Business Communication
  • Telephone Etiquette,Presentation Skills
  • Body language
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation