Friday, 5 October 2018

Communication Skill Training

A trainer should be inspirational rather than a teacher. The trainer’s objective should be to kindle the spark present in each student rather than to dispense knowledge. Students should be made to understand that education is a  life-long journey. It is a bus ride with no terminus. Training is a function that helps us to hone our skills and work on those weaknesses that could hamper our progress through life. Veta understands these nuances pretty well after 37 years in the field. Hence our trainer-content combo becomes a seamless force that integrates the skill of communication with a person’s personality. Veta facilitates one to shed their inhibitions and rise to one’s own and others’ expectations. Veta imbibes the ability to function as a strong link in the chain called TEAM.
Here are a few of our on going projects: 
Caterpillar India Pvt Ltd, Chennai
A training was launched at their Tiruvallur factory for about 60 incumbent trainees in the age group of 18-20. They were all technical diploma holders and Caterpillar, the multinational that it is, are keen on training their employees in communicative English. The programme is for 30 hours.
Kingston Educational Institute, Kolkata
This is a sprawling education institution that is serious about empowering their wards not only technically but also with life skills that can lubricate their progress through a meaningful career. We are training 600 of their students from the Diploma, Management and Law streams in all aspects of communication with a mammoth 100-hour delivery schedule. We are also fortifying 250 of their final year students  with job skills and interview handling competence to facilitate their placement.
Corporation Schools at Ratyhinapuri and Oppanakarai, Coimbatore
All the Grade VI & VII students of these schools are being empowered with the skill of English communication with an 80-hour delivery schedule that will comprise of 2 modules. One will be audio visual aided and the other will be interactive. This is being supported with funding from the Rotary Club of Coimbatore, IKONS.    
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